New Salem's Yard of the Week

The "Yard of the Week" recognition began in 2010 as an attempt to appreciate the beautiful summer yards in the city of New Salem.  A "Yard of the Week" sign is placed in the designated yard for one week from Monday to Sunday. An announcement and photos of the yard appear in the New Salem Journal each week. The campaign begins the first week of July and ends the first week of September. The judges are anonymous, change annually and are not members of the Betterment Committee. Committee member's yards are not eligible for yard of the week. 

We encourage all the citizens of New Salem to add to the beauty and welcoming appearance of our community by keeping their yards clean and neat. Our intention is not so much to designate the most beautiful yards each year, but to appreciate the variety of yards and the effort made to make the yards pleasing and eye-catching. There are many wonderfully beautiful and well kept yards in New Salem. There are so many, in fact, that we have yet to repeat.
Anyone is welcome to assist the Committee by nominating a yard. Notify a committee member and the information will be passed on to the judges for consideration

Week 1 - 2012

Roger & Rosalee Holle

203 North 8th Street

Week 2 - 2012

Roger & Mary Lou Klemsich

113 North 1st Street

Week 3 - 2012

Sherri Hulm

204 North 5th Street

Week 4 - 2012

Tracy & Carrie Cofer

216 North 2nd Street

Week 5 - 2012

Margaret Zarndt

114 North 7th Street

Week 6- 2012

Robert & Jeanette Bateman

216 North 3rd St


Week 7 - 2012

Leonard & Lavone Samuel

313 North 3rd St


Week 8 - 2012

Shian Kaelberer

306 South 5th Street

Week 9 - 2012

Eugene & Patricia Schaaf

610 Spruce Avene

Week 1 -2011

Curtis and Marcy Donner

402 North 5th Street

Week 2 -2011

Rex and Kelly Waddingham

915 Oak Avenue

Week 3-2011

Louise (Bert) Norton

208 South 3rd

Week 4-2011

Marian Kitzman

408 North 10th Street

Week 5-2011

Gerald & Peggy Sprenger

506 Spruce Ave

Week 6-2011

Gaylen & Koni Lennick

310 North 9th Street

Week 7-2011

Kenneth & Cindy Maher

110 Cedar Avenue


Week 8-2011

Wesley & Caroline Eggers

300 9th Street South

Week 9-2011

Roger & Elaine Klusman

1710 Ash Avenue

Week 10-2011

Dane & Deb Fuchs

1700 West Ash Avenue

Week 1-2010

Lawrence & Sally Forster

1600 Ash Avenue

Week 2-2010


Week 3-2010

Week 4-2010

Nick & Caroline Weinbergber

205 2nd Street North

Week 5-2010

Lorraine Sturn

510 Elm Avenue

Week 6-2010

Jim & Pat Kautzman

1610 Ash Avenue

Week 7-2010

Caroline Kroh

315 South 4th Street

Week 8-2010

Mike & Dana Pazdernik

310 North 2nd Street

Week 9-2010

Don & Roxie Moos

311 South 3rd Street