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2018 Quality Water on Tap Report



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Review of work completed:

a) Installation of fabric, geogrid, and additional road base on Oak Ave.

b) 1st lift of asphalt on south side of town, 9th St, and Oak Ave from 3rd to 5th St.

c) Watermain on Oak Ave east of 1st St.

d) Watermain and sewer main and all services on 5th Ave.

e) Started restoration and topsoil work.

Planned progress during next week:

a) Pressure and Bac-T testing of Oak Ave and 5th St watermains.

b) Subgrade and road base installation and compaction on Oak Ave and 5th St.

c) All remaining concrete work (Strata will be in town on Thursday).

d) Restoration and seeding work.

e) Asphalt work to start again late next week (tentative).

Other information:

*Temporary water will be connected at the curb stop where possible and at homeowner shut off valve where curb stop isn’t available.  If homeowner isn’t home at this time a letter with instructions and contact information will be left.

*Driveway access will be kept available for homeowner at as much as possible.  If driveway access isn’t possible it will be coordinated with the homeowner.

Streets Included in Project Area:

North 5th Street Ash to Oak
Oak Avenue from 5th Street to Lake Street
First Street from Main Avenue to Birch Avenue
South 3rd Street from Birch Avenue to Pine Avenue
South 4th Street from Birth Avenue to Pine Avenue
Birch Avenue from 1st Street to 5th Street
Spruce Avenue from 3rd Street to 5th Street
Pine Avenue from 3rd Street to 5th Street

Ninth Street North from Ash Avenue to Oak Avenue

New Salem's Yard of the Week
The "Yard of the Week" recognition began in 2010 as an attempt to appreciate the beautiful summer yards in the city of New Salem.  A "Yard of the Week" sign is placed in the designated yard for one week from Monday to Sunday. An announcement and photos of the yard appear in the New Salem Journal each week. The campaign begins the first week of July and ends the first week of September. The judges are anonymous, change annually and are not members of the Betterment Committee. Committee member's yards are not eligible for yard of the week. 
We encourage all the citizens of New Salem to add to the beauty and welcoming appearance of our community by keeping their yards clean and neat. Our intention is not so much to designate the most beautiful yards each year, but to appreciate the variety of yards and the effort made to make the yards pleasing and eye-catching. There are many wonderfully beautiful and well kept yards in New Salem. There are so many, in fact, that we have yet to repeat.
Anyone is welcome to assist the Committee by nominating a yard. Notify a committee member and the information will be passed on to the judges for consideration.
To pictures and information on previous  "Yard of the Week" winners, visit the Community Betterment's portion of this website.

Yard of the Week


New Salem Citizen of the Month

The object of the citizen of the month program is to publicly recongnize those citiezens who contribute to the New Salem community, assist someone in need, in any way improve the quality of life in the New Salem area, or who go above and beyond thier expected civic responsibiliies.  The award will be presented by the New Salem City Council at its regular monthly meeting and will be recongnized in the New Salem Journal. 

Under the Communtiy Infomation tab you can find more information about the New Salem Citizen of the month and the nomination forms. 



Travel the "other" FREEway.............

Why are you driving down the interstate?  Well, get off the interstate and travel Historic Old Red Trail/ U.S. Old Highway Ten.  Visit the Old Red Trail's website to learn more about the museums, wildlife, shopping, scenery and much more on this amazing highway!