• West River Head Start is an educational and nurturing program that helps parents determine their family needs and use the resources available to them while giving children what they need to grow as healthy socially skilled learners.

• It is designed to meet the needs of preschool children ages 3-4.

• There is no charge to the families who participate in this program.

• We provide services to children who live in Grant, Morton, Oliver and Mercer counties. Classrooms are located in Mandan, New Salem, Elgin, Carson, Hebron, Beulah, Hazen.

• West River Head Start is accepting applications for the 2008-2009 school year.

Please feel free to call with any questions at our main office at 663-9507 or the center nearest to you.

Prairie View Elementary School
New Salem School District


Prairie View Elementary School serves kindergarten through grade six students. Currently, there is one teacher per grade for all grades, except for an additional first and second grade combination classroom and an extra section of fourth grade. Title 1 services in reading and math are available for any child who qualifies. In addition, special education services are also available for any child who qualifies. A computer lab is on hand for all of the students and teachers to use throughout the day. A special music room provides students with quality sound when singing or listening to music and a great place to practice for programs. Prairie View Elementary also has its own gymnasium where physical education classes and extra curricular activities take place. Finally, Prairie View Elementary housed the cafeteria where breakfast and lunch is served to the students and teachers.

New Salem High School
New Salem School District


New Salem High School serves students from the seventh through senior year. Special education services are available for any child who qualifies. Two computer labs are located in the high school. Our music room has practice rooms available as well as the ability to serve a large band. The school’s gymnasium also serves host to several tournaments throughout the school year including an invitational girls basketball tournament, a junior high boys basketball tournament, a large wrestling tournament and has hosted several district volleyball and girl’s basketball tournaments. New Salem School is part of the Great Western Network that provides opportunities for other elective courses that otherwise would not be offered a New Salem High School. This is housed in our Interactive Television room. WE also have a shop area that is part of our full offerings of agricultural studies. Finally, New Salem High School offers a strong academic curriculum in which most students go on to continue their studies at the college level.

For more information on New Salem’s school system please log onto our website listed below.